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    Jillian Meyers grew up dancing in Portland Oregon. There she trained in all styles of dance with teachers Erin Lee, Michelle Mckinney, Candalee Wrede, Diana Redding and Sarah Riggles. In 2004 she moved to Los Angeles to pursue her aspiration of becoming a professional dancer. During her time there she has become a member of Mark Meismer's company, “Evolution”. She has also been an assistant to Brian Friedman, Tovaris Wilson, Mia Michaels and Mandy Moore on the hit show, “So You Think You Can Dance”. Since 2006 she has been fortunate to be a lead dancer for performing artist Janet Jackson. Over the past two years she has been involved with Janet’s videos, over-sea performances and a variety of television appearances. Recently she performed alongside Wade Robson in his performance for the show, “Dancing With the Stars”. She currently has just come off of Janet’s, “Rock Witchu Tour”.


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    Brian Friedman & Yanis Marshall Heels Choreography | Britney Spears “Breathe On Me”

    Group 1: Brian Friedman & Yanis Marshall
    Group 2: Mishay Petronelli, Zack Venegas, Judson Emery, Marie Ninja, Abby Lett, Robert Green & Kevin Vives
    Group 3: Brian Friedman, Yanis Marshall, Zack Venegas, Judson Emery, Zack Reece, Kevin Vives, Robert Green & Jawi Buan

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    Wade Robson choreography “Slow Dancing in a Burning Room” -Ben Susak & Pam Chu.

    This routine is pure passion.


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    Tucker Barkley Choreography | Heartbeat by Twista | Kubskoutz


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    Let’s all laugh a bit today…this is hip hop??? Enjoy!


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    Fit As A Fiddle: Steve Martin & Gregory Hines tap dancing.



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    Ian Eastwood Choreogaphy | “Hit Em Up” by Tyga 


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    In this scene from Shall We Dance, with Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, the two create another trademark classic with both their dancing on skates as well as the song, “Let’s Call The Whole Thing Off”, or better known for…
    "You say ‘Potato’, I say ‘Potato’ you say ‘Tomato’, I say ‘Tomato’…”

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    The YES DANCE by Robert Hoffman & Kato Bonner

    How to YES. Created, written and performed by Robert James Hoffman III and Kato Bonner. Also featuring Twitch, Gustavo Vargas, David Moore, Nick Wilson, Mike D, Dante 7, and Jessie Lewis. Performed at Carnival Jan. ‘07.

    This dance has been featured on News Programs all over the world, and Craig Ferguson did the YES DANCE on his tv show.

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    An extract of Frederick Ashton’s Monotones II (The Royal Ballet). Royal Ballet Principals Edward Watson, Marianela Nuñez and Nehemiah Kish perform Frederick Ashton’s Monotones II.


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    Choreography by Erica Sobol @urrica. “Song for a lover of long ago” by Justin Vernon.

    Danced by Morgan Burke, Jason Gorman, Ryan Spencer, and Keean Johnson. Class at Edge Performing Arts Center in Los Angeles.

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    Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers in SWING TIME  dancing to the song “Pick yourself up”.

    "Pick yourself up" by Jerome Kern was introduced by Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. Ginger plays a dance instructor whom Fred follows into her studio; he pretends to have "two left feet" in order to get her to dance with him. Fred sings the verse to her and she responds with the chorus. After an interlude, they dance to the tune.

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    Happy birthday Gene Kelly!!!


    Happy birthday Gene Kelly!!!


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    Bobby Newberry Choreography to “Breaking Dishes”

    Jazz Funk


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    DJ Smart special guest performs “Bruised” at SYTYCD-UKRAINE

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